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Manufacturer Contactor Type Part No. Model No. In Stock Price
55B529819G2General ElectricCR19355B529819G22 Call
55B532571P1General ElectricCR19355B532571P14 Call
55B532575P1General ElectricCR19355B532575P128 Call
55C679816G_1General ElectricCR19355C679816G_14 Call
55C679816G_11General ElectricCR19355C679816G_113 Call
55C679816G_2General ElectricCR19355C679816G_22 Call
55C679816G_21General ElectricCR19355C679816G_211 Call
302A3600VTP2General ElectricCR193302A3600VTP23 Call
302A3600VTPIGeneral ElectricCR193302A3600VTPI1 Call
302A3659P1Instrument TransformersCR193302A3659P12 Call
55C679816G_6General ElectricCR19355C679816G_63 Call
55C679816G3RPGeneral ElectricCR19355C679816G3RP5 Call
55C679824-G1AFPCR19355C679824-G12 Call
55C682289G3General ElectricCR19355C682289G39 Call
55C682289G3-(2)General ElectricCR19355C682289G3-(2)3 Call
55D7810120G2General ElectricCR19355D7810120G22 Call
55D781012G2General ElectricCR19355D781012G28 Call
56RT-151General ElectricCR19356RT-1513 Call
9T24Y289General ElectricCR1939T24Y2892 Call
CR192AGeneral ElectricCR193CR192A1 Call
CR193-020812-1General ElectricCR193CR193-020812-1B110L005041U1 Call
CR193-020812-2General ElectricCR193CR193-020812-2B110L003020U1 Call
CR193-050112-3General ElectricCR193CR193-050112-3B110L003020R1 Call
CR193-050112-4General ElectricCR193CR193-050112-4B110L003020R1 Call
CR193-050112-5General ElectricCR193CR193-050112-5B110L003020R1 Call
CR193-050112-6General ElectricCR193CR193-050112-6B110L003020R1 Call
CR193-082614-1General ElectricCR193CR193-082614-1CR193D110L00505AR1 Call
CR193C-062113-1General ElectricCR193CCR193C-062113-1CR193C110L005050U1 Call
CR193V-053113-1General ElectricCR193CR193V-053113-1CR193VC4AB3A413AAB1 Call
CR193V-053113-2General ElectricCR193CR193V-053113-2CR193VC4AB3A413AAB1 Call
CR193V-053113-3General ElectricCR193CR193V-053113-3CR193VC4AB3A412AAB1 Call
CR193VB-020414-1General ElectricCR193CR193VB-020414-1CR193VB4AB2A412AA02A1 Call
CR193VC4-010714-1General ElectricCR193CR193VC4-010714-1CR193VC4AC2A412AA02E1 Call
CR194 Isolation Switch-061014-1General ElectricCR193CR194 Isolation Switch-061014-155C682220G31 Call
CR194-062113-1General ElectricCR193CR194-062113-1CR194A107C21 Call
GE CR194-020812-1General ElectricCR193GE CR194-020812-1CR194A118A21 Call
GE CR194-020812-2General ElectricCR193GE CR194-020812-2CR194A118A21 Call
JCH-0C-750X112011General ElectricCR193JCH-0C-750X1120113 Call
M 24 GFCTInstrument TransformersCR193M 24 GFCT1 Call
PV-74AGeneral ElectricCR193PV-74A3 Call
RC1313EFR-NEFCCR193RC1313EFR-N1 Call
CR193-032214-1General ElectricCR193BCR193-032214-1B110L004051U1 Call
CR193-032214-2General ElectricCR193BCR193-032214-2B110L005055U1 Call
CR193-032214-3General ElectricCR193BCR193-032214-3B110L004051U1 Call
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Part Details:

Part No.
Circuit Board
Contactor Type
General Electric
LimitAmp Contactor Control Module
5¾" x 6½" x 11", (ic HPA 1-3)
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Help: How do I request a quote?
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