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Manufacturer Contactor Type Part No. Model No. In Stock Price
SL50F430-020509-1Cutler-HammerSL-50SL50F430-020509-1SL50F4301 Call
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Unless notated otherwise this is used, inspected, and made ready for resell. * Call for pricing and availability.

Contactor Details:

Part No.
Model No.
Vacuum / Air
Primary Voltage (AC)
5000 / 4160
Control Voltage
120 AC
Includes: 3 vacuum bottle assemblies, a 3-phase 100:5 current transformer, a 1-phase 100:5 current transformer, and a ground fault sensor, 4-12 Amp (5264C1H01). From a HTA67374-001 motor starter.
Additional Keywords
2147A58G02 (vac. assembly), HTA67374-001, 9917D43H01, 3486C98H20, 5264C10H01, SLA-ML120 (latch kit), 9917D43H01 (100:5 CT), 3486C98H20 (100:5 CT)
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Contactor Parts:

Help: How do I request a quote?

Primary Parts

Part Part No. In Stock Price
2147A58G04 Auxiliary Contact 2147A58G04 24 Call
2147A58G03 Circuit Board 2147A58G03 4 Call
114B753G01 Closing Coil 114B753G01 28 Call
C7.5E1D1C2 Control Power Transformer C7.5E1D1C2 1 Call
2147A58G16 CPT Fuse Clips 2147A58G16 22 Call
3486C98H20 Current Transformer 3486C98H20 16 Call
5264C10H01 Current Transformer 5264C10H01 6 Call
9917D43H01 Current Transformer 9917D43H01 33 Call
2147A58G50 Finger Cluster 2147A58G50 10 Call
2147A58G51 Finger Cluster 2147A58G51 35 Call
2147A58G12 Phase Barrier 2147A58G12 43 Call
2147A58G20 Power Fuse Clip 2147A58G20 31 Call
2147A58G02 Vacuum Bottle 2147A58G02 18 Call

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